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You have a unique song

I had to share this with you. It blows my mind! What a gift, your own song. I wish to meditate to receive my children’s songs. I’m sure it’s possible!! 🎵🎶🎵

De Los Rodriguez Alphz
5 March at 14:04 ·
Of all the African tribes still around today, the Himba tribe is one of the few that counts the birth date of the children not from the day they are born nor conceived but the day the mother decides to have the child.
When a Himba woman decides to have a child, she goes off and sits under a tree, by herself, and she listens until she can hear the song of the child who wants to come. And after she’s heard the song of this child, she comes back to the man who will be the child’s father, and teaches him the song. When they make love to physically conceive the child, they sing the song of the child as a way of inviting the child.
When she becomes pregnant, the mother teaches that child’s song to the midwives and the old women of the village, so that when the child is born, the old women and the people gather around him/her and sing the child’s song to welcome him/her. As the child grows up, the other villagers are taught the child’s song. If the child falls, or gets hurt, someone picks him/her up and sings to him/her his/her song. Or maybe when the child does something wonderful, or goes through the rites of puberty, then as a way of honoring this person, the people of the village sing his or her song.
In the Himba tribe there is one other occasion when the ”child song” is sang to the Himba tribesperson. If a Himba tribesman or tribeswoman commits a crime or something that is against the Himba social norms, the villagers call him or her into the center of the village and the community forms a circle around him/her. Then they sing his/her birth song to him/her.
The Himba views correction not as a punishment, but as love and remembrance of identity. For when you recognise your own song, you have no desire or need to do anything that would hurt another.
In marriage, the songs are sung, together. And finally, when the Himba tribesman/tribeswoman is lying in his/her bed, ready to die, all the villagers that know his or her song come and sing – for the last time that person’s song.

Excerpt from a story. Photo saved from Pinterest.

SPRING EQUINOX – Planting your seeds, designing your inner or outer garden…

We did a family collage for spring equinox for the first time! Ok, so ”we” is a bit exaggerated 😁 It was mostly me and Edith. Albin worked to replant some of our beautiful plants, also important! And Edgar cheered us on in his chair… no, he was mostly angry-crying because he wanted to play on the ground instead. Anyways, we made this and I’m impressed by the result. It was a nice thing to do together!

🌱 So what are the seeds you are inwardly or outwardly planting in your garden? It’s a great time to really listen inwards and plant those seeds. What are your inner dreams? Don’t hold back, no limits. You are worthy of all the abundance you can imagine, and more! 🌱


JULKLAPP: Meditation med fokus på hjärtat

Jag har spelat in en meditation med fokus på hjärtat. Den är 14 min lång ca och passar väldigt bra när det är mycket som händer runt omkring. Den gör att du kommer tillbaka till dig själv, ditt center – hjärtat – och kan fortsätta dagen förankrad i din egen kraft och unika vibration. Eller om du lyssnar innan du går och lägger dig så hjälper den även att slappna av och varva ned innan du somnar.

Kom ihåg att meditation egentligen bara betyder avslappning. Gör dig bekväm och hitta gärna ett ställe där du kan vara själv. Det är allt du behöver för att fylla på med energi och hitta tillbaka dig själv.


Another one in English:

Vi är – spontan poesi

Hjärtats slag, rytmen.
Brisen i håret, i träden.
Fötterna på marken vibrerar.
Liv i min famn, liv i min kropp.
Du är, jag är.

Varje slag, varje rytm.
En dans.
I ljus och mörker vi dansar.
Steg för steg, vi leker oss fram.
Utan mål, utan syfte.
Det är livet som bär oss.
Det är glädjen i leken, i rörelsen, i dansen.
Målet och syftet ser vi sedan.
Vi ser ändå aldrig hela bilden.

Var inte så allvarlig. Ge upp sökandet och börja dansen.
Vi håller dig. Du är stöttad, buren, för alltid älskad.

Confusion and hurt – Change


How it hurts all this confusion, lack of clarity, projections and wounds surfacing. It squeezes my heart, there is a big burning ball in my throat and my body is buzzing, vibrating, my third eye almost pounding. Like there is pressure on it. Amidst all this inside upheaval, I do not feel alone. For the first time I feel there is a meaning with this hurt and that is comforting. I need reminding (thank you @brigid_banrion ) but I feel closer to something… closer to Me than ever before. #writingwhilethinking #intheparc #crispysunshine #transformation #hurt #healing #dontknowwhereimgoing #butitsok #abundance #happywhilesad #conflictingemotions #jannasyoga

Creative and therapeutic expression

Never knowing what the next colour or shape is, just drawing what comes to me. Sometimes I write what the shapes, forms and colours mean afterwards and I’m always amazed what comes through. Often it’s like the pen just flows and phrases come floating up to the surface… My own therapy sessions… #diy ;) #inspiration #theraputic #expression #jannasyoga

Signs of newness

I pick up my phone, the time marks 00:01 and the date is May 1st. The crescent new moon outside lights up the sky like taken from a Dreamwork picture. All looks fairy-like, magical… I sense a new beginning. Some things are falling away and I am taking a step out in the unknown. I need to trust and follow the signs… While this is happening I’m so grateful for today!

Today we celebrated my daughter’s 2-year-old birthday. I’m completely blown away looking back at just two years of my life! I have given birth to two living healthy little beings, I got married, I live in a house with a garden!! I have the pleasure of teaching yoga and experience all of what it has opened up for me. It’s AMAZING!!! Now I await the next step. Senses wide awake! Where to place my next step?

Deadly Matters

I’m going to write about death. D E A T H.

Something we seem to not be able to talk about but it’s always there.

“From the moment we are born, we begin to die.” ― Janne Teller, Nothing

When you are born, you begin the process of dying. It is true though an extreme focus on the dying part I would say, but it also permits you to truly live!

With all that is happening on and to the planet today,
it’s so easy to be afraid, even petrified! I have two kids now and as soon as they were born, there was also a fear of losing them. Maybe not the minute they were born but it starts with worrying about their breathing, and then, well, it can be anything. A cold, a flu, something they put in their mouth… (Today, a mild concussion). As a mother, it almost seem inherent to worry.

However, we have to deal with the fact that worrying does not serve anyone and when I sit with these emotions; the fear of what is happening in the world, the worry for my children… What I’m left with is:

We’re all gonna die some day so we might as well make the most of the days that are left. It might be fatalist but this thought lets me live more fully. To face the fears is to confront death in a way, because that is usually what the human self is most afraid of. And when you dare to think about it, come close to it, even get familiar and perhaps embrace it all – LIFE DEATH LIFE DEATH… They’re pretty close to each other. They’re kind of friends. Best buddies… BFFs.

There can not be one without the other.

So, let’s face our fears. Let’s use it as triggers to truly live and to make the best of the days that are left. Make a change. Or simply enjoy LIFE. Because I believe that is why we’re here. To live = see, feel, hurt, experience, learn, heal, love, cry, laugh…. To enjoy ALL of it. To learn and grow. And then share what you learn so we may rise together.