Deadly Matters

I’m going to write about death. D E A T H.

Something we seem to not be able to talk about but it’s always there.

“From the moment we are born, we begin to die.” ― Janne Teller, Nothing

When you are born, you begin the process of dying. It is true though an extreme focus on the dying part I would say, but it also permits you to truly live!

With all that is happening on and to the planet today,
it’s so easy to be afraid, even petrified! I have two kids now and as soon as they were born, there was also a fear of losing them. Maybe not the minute they were born but it starts with worrying about their breathing, and then, well, it can be anything. A cold, a flu, something they put in their mouth… (Today, a mild concussion). As a mother, it almost seem inherent to worry.

However, we have to deal with the fact that worrying does not serve anyone and when I sit with these emotions; the fear of what is happening in the world, the worry for my children… What I’m left with is:

We’re all gonna die some day so we might as well make the most of the days that are left. It might be fatalist but this thought lets me live more fully. To face the fears is to confront death in a way, because that is usually what the human self is most afraid of. And when you dare to think about it, come close to it, even get familiar and perhaps embrace it all – LIFE DEATH LIFE DEATH… They’re pretty close to each other. They’re kind of friends. Best buddies… BFFs.

There can not be one without the other.

So, let’s face our fears. Let’s use it as triggers to truly live and to make the best of the days that are left. Make a change. Or simply enjoy LIFE. Because I believe that is why we’re here. To live = see, feel, hurt, experience, learn, heal, love, cry, laugh…. To enjoy ALL of it. To learn and grow. And then share what you learn so we may rise together.