SPRING EQUINOX – Planting your seeds, designing your inner or outer garden…

We did a family collage for spring equinox for the first time! Ok, so ”we” is a bit exaggerated 😁 It was mostly me and Edith. Albin worked to replant some of our beautiful plants, also important! And Edgar cheered us on in his chair… no, he was mostly angry-crying because he wanted to play on the ground instead. Anyways, we made this and I’m impressed by the result. It was a nice thing to do together!

🌱 So what are the seeds you are inwardly or outwardly planting in your garden? It’s a great time to really listen inwards and plant those seeds. What are your inner dreams? Don’t hold back, no limits. You are worthy of all the abundance you can imagine, and more! 🌱