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Confusion and hurt – Change


How it hurts all this confusion, lack of clarity, projections and wounds surfacing. It squeezes my heart, there is a big burning ball in my throat and my body is buzzing, vibrating, my third eye almost pounding. Like there is pressure on it. Amidst all this inside upheaval, I do not feel alone. For the first time I feel there is a meaning with this hurt and that is comforting. I need reminding (thank you @brigid_banrion ) but I feel closer to something… closer to Me than ever before. #writingwhilethinking #intheparc #crispysunshine #transformation #hurt #healing #dontknowwhereimgoing #butitsok #abundance #happywhilesad #conflictingemotions #jannasyoga

Signs of newness

I pick up my phone, the time marks 00:01 and the date is May 1st. The crescent new moon outside lights up the sky like taken from a Dreamwork picture. All looks fairy-like, magical… I sense a new beginning. Some things are falling away and I am taking a step out in the unknown. I need to trust and follow the signs… While this is happening I’m so grateful for today!

Today we celebrated my daughter’s 2-year-old birthday. I’m completely blown away looking back at just two years of my life! I have given birth to two living healthy little beings, I got married, I live in a house with a garden!! I have the pleasure of teaching yoga and experience all of what it has opened up for me. It’s AMAZING!!! Now I await the next step. Senses wide awake! Where to place my next step?