Happy post full moon!

Tittut! Happy post full moon peek! ✨🌕 Hope you had a magic and releasing night. 🌕✨ #postfullmoonvibes #jannasyoga #mooncycles #connectingtothemoon Tweet


Nature heals

When on emotional overload, this helps. Barefoot walking in the little forest near by. Accompanied by a deer, the sunset and my son. Tweet


Deadly Matters

I’m going to write about death. D E A T H. Something we seem to not be able to talk about but it’s always there. “From the moment we are born, we begin to die.” ― Janne Teller, Nothing When you are born, you begin the process of dying. It is true though an extreme… Läs mer Deadly Matters

Tankar, Vackert

Earth day beauty

The beauty of this earth is indescribable! Every step we take on this planet should be in gratefulness and awareness for all it gives to us. Not to be taken for granted. I’ve forgotten for so long, it hurts. How we have treated this big organism of life. Our home. Let’s change. Let’s do better.… Läs mer Earth day beauty

Information, Kul


Det här hände idag!! 🙌🙏☺️🎉🐣🐥 Vilken avslutning på helgen. Hade verkligen inte förväntat mig detta. Öppnade instagram nu innan jag skulle somna (ska sluta med mobil i sängen….) och hade fått flera kommentarer. Har inte lagt ut ngt så trodde det var spam! Men så har jag vunnit ett vackert mala från underbara @yogia.se 🌸… Läs mer Grymmetur!