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Tired but happy


At home. Tired but happy!! Last week of my yoga courses Embrace and Flourish with the Feminine. It’s been a journey, in ouselves and with each other. It has been a pleasure traveling with you all! 🛫🛬

It’s the end of one chapter but in January another chapter is waiting to be opened, to be read and explored. The only thing we know now is that it has to do with the heart!

I’m so grateful that there exists this ”place” where I can explore life through my body. Where I can ask questions that change perspectives, that opens up. A place that makes me see all the ways I’m hindering my life to flow so I have a chance to choose another way. A place where I have space to surrender back into the flow (doesn’t always work :)). This place cultivates unconditional love, authenticity and integrity among all other things you can imagine. It cultivates what you wish for, your intention, your truth. 

This place is called yoga. 🙏💜🙏


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